safe box hotel kettle welcome tray set hair dryer
hotel kettle welcome tray set hair dryer 

The main feature which is sought and desired in the hair dryers used in hotel rooms is the trigger system. Additionally, there needs to be a safety system
which protects against excess heating. The cord reverts to its previous form following use (ravelling, stretching, etc.), and this ensures that the lifespan
of the product is long. The option sought most recently is for the product to be on the 110V and 220V shaver plug points. This option provides ease in
particular to guests who have come from countries which use different types of plugs. We recommend that the hairdryer should be wall mounted. It is
important that the unit which is to be mounted on the wall is durable and practical. As the drawer type hairdryer is in the room rather than in the bathroom,
and as it can be used by the guest without drying off fully, it may give rise to issues of hygiene and dampness.

The luggage rack, which has been designed for guests who are staying in large rooms to be able to use their luggage in comfort, is also ideal, on the other
hand, for use in small rooms, in respect of saving of space and use by the guests anywhere they want in the room. Timber or chrome is used in the luggage
racks. The KLEO luggage rack is made of solid beech, and a special surface coating is used during the production stage. This coating both increases the
durability of the timber material and minimises surface scratches. The KLEO luggage rack, the connection points of which have been designed as hidden,
is able to carry a load of up to 80 kg. It has been strengthened with the aluminium components, which are used in the upper connection points, at points
which are hidden.
Design and manufacturing are carried out in full by KLEO.

The production of 15’4” NOTEBOOK computers is about to come to an end throughout the world. Instead, they are being produced as Widescreen, at
measurements of 15’6”. Here is what that means: the notebook screen (its measurement) is 2 cm longer. Therefore, furnishing and project groups which leave
safe box measurements based on depth will need to take this into account, and we recommend that purchasing units conduct their operations accordingly.
The minimum depth in safe boxes which are designed in this way needs to be 46 cm (including the panel). Therefore, the depth of the furnishing cannot be
below 47 cm. Otherwise there might be serious problems during placement. We also recommend that the keypads of safe box products are made from durable
materials. It is very important for the battery unit to be fixed in the inner area of the safe box. There also needs to be an emergency opening option, using either
a master key or hand terminal, both for the security of the customer and that of the hotel. The hand terminal will ensure that details of the times, dates, room
numbers and last 100 entries into the safe box can be obtained, thereby increasing the control and service quality of the organisation. As the safe box is a
product where customer complaints are frequent within hotels, there needs to be remote assistance 24/7. Therefore, contact with the supplier, and immediate
assistance is very important. Additionally, acquiring a minimum of 10 years of spare parts services will have a seriously positive impact on costs for the
organisation. Continuous training is very important in organisations which have a high turnover of personnel.

This product has started to be a part of hotel and hospital investments in recent years. It is an important product due to the fact that guests use the fitness
centre and sporting facilities, and feel a continuous need for it to check their own well-being. Full circle designs, which are mechanical and easy to read, are
preferred in order to ensure that there are no problems in terms of battery procurement, water and steam contact, the cracking of screens, etc.. It is now
provided to customers as a standard product in many international hotel chains, especially in city hotels.

It would be beneficial to pay particular attention to the following points when selecting hotel kettles and welcome trays:
*The kettle should be between 1 L – 1,2 L. The spilling of the boiling water in lower volume kettles causes problems both in terms of the safety of users and
hygiene, while those with higher volumes lead to unnecessary electricity consumption and waste of water.
*It is important both for the purposes of hygiene and easy cleaning, that the kettle has a steel base with a hidden resistance and steel frame.
*The handle should be a closed system in order to prevent it slipping through the hand.
*The lid of the kettle should be made of stainless materials due to the fact that there is a continuous change of users. This will ensure that the lid can be
cleaned easily from any hygiene problems which may occur due to user contact (food grease, body lotions, etc. waste).
*The welcome tray to be used under the kettle should be made of wood, glass, porcelain or stainless steel.
*The kettle should switch off automatically as soon as the water has boiled, thereby preventing the creation of excessive steam.
*The kettle cable should be fixed in a way to ensure it passes easily underneath the welcome tray which is to be used for the presentation organisation,
thereby preventing it gathering dust. Further, the required suitable environment must be ensured in respect of electricity related safety.
*The inner areas of the compartments where products are placed within the presentation tray should be inclined, thereby ensuring it is easy to clean from
the dust which gathers over time.